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Ireland after the lockdown: The measures you need to put in place to help Ireland get working again.

HSE advises that social distancing is important to help slow the spread of coronavirus. It does this by minimising contact between potentially infected individuals and healthy individuals. In order to help prepare Ireland to go back to work, safety signs are required to inform the public and ensure social distancing is maintained for safety of your employees and clients.

What Signs or Stickers are required?

We carry a range of wall signs at Safety Sign Centre which come in a variety of sizes. These can be made from corrugated plastic, rigid flat plastic of aluminium. Any other sizes can be made up to your requirement. Floor signs are double laminated and will adhere to dust-free and clean flat surfaces. They come as a standard 500mm diameter. Other sizes are available on request. Many of our floor signs can currently be seen within retail facilities. Our wall signs can be seen throughout the country.

We also have a lot of safety signs about Covid 19 and how to prevent it spreading, and how to maintain social distancing at all times in the workplace.

All signs are available to purchase through our online store here:

Full details at HSE are available at the following link.

What precautions can you take?

You should:

  • Keep a space of 2 metres (6.5 feet) between you and other people. Work from home if possible. Do not shake hands. Wash your hands frequently. You can take one hour of exercise daily but within a 2km radius of your home only. Travel is only permitted for essential workers as defined by the government, for shopping for household food and for visiting pharmacies/ doctors, also for vital family reasons.

  • Avoid sneezing and coughing in close proximity to other people. If you must cough or sneeze then do this into your elbow. COVID 19 may survive on surfaces if someone who has it coughs or sneezes onto it. Simple household disinfectants can kill the virus on surfaces.

  • Wash your hands with warm water and apply soap. Rub your hands together until the soap forms a lather. Rub between your fingers, the tops of your fingers and under your nails. Do this for about 20 seconds. Rinse your hands under clean, clear