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School Sign Safety in 2016

Schools must provide health and safety signs where any hazards or dangers are potentially present. The Safety Health and Welfare at Work Regulations 2007 and the related guidelines govern safety signs required in a school area. The primary objective of safety signs is to draw attention rapidly and unambiguously to objects and situations capable of causing specific hazards.

Safety signs in schools provide information about safety,health or emergency procedures, using a combination of shape, colour and symbols. t is the responsibility of employers to give information on the meaning and requirement of signs, especially where supplementary text is included.

Below we list the 6 most important signs in order to maintain a safe environment for your staff, students and visitors.

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It’s not just good practice to employ clear and adequate site safety signage, it’s the law. The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations cover employers’ obligations regarding safety signage where hazards cannot be avoided.

The Health and Safety Authority has detailed resources on its website or you can download the legislation here.

The Health and Safety Authority has clear guidelines on hazard warning signage (yellow triangle signage) and sign boards. You can download the safety signage PDF here.

Here are just some of the circumstances in which health and safety signage may be necessary according to the regulations:

  • Fragile roofs and ceilings

  • Emergency routes and exits

  • Fire detection and fire fighting

  • Work-at-height danger areas

  • Places with obstacles, falling risk or risk of falling objects

  • Workplace traffic routes

  • Exposure to noise above 85dB(A)

  • Explosive hazard zones

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