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The importance of Chemical Re Labeling

The role you play in getting ready for CLP will depend on where you are in the supply chain and what your roles are responsibilites are i.e. you will either be preparing or receiving a CLP label.

Firstly, as a chemical supplier you must ensure that the chemical is labelled correctly based on its intrinsic hazards of the chemical substance, namely its physical, health or environmental hazards. Secondly, as a chemical user, you must read the CLP label and ensure that the hazard information is understood and that the safety advic given on the label is adhered to.

In the workplace, you will also recieve a Safety Data Sheet, along with the chemcial substance, if you are the supplier or recipient of the SDS, you must ensure it is consistent with the information provided on the product label. If it is not consistent then as the supplier, you must address it or as the user of the chemical you must let you supplier know about any anomolies without delay.

Where to find help? The Health and Safety Authority operates a Chemicals Helpdesk with a team of experts to help you in attaining compliance with CLP. The new classification criteria along with the labelling and packaging rules are set out in the CLP regulation itself. There are also guidance documents prepared by ECHA and webinars prepared by the HSA, which you can review to help you, and these are listed on our CLP webpage at

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